Legend of changan

Changan Automobile is among Top 4 Chinese automobile groups , with a history of 157 years, Changan Automobile has 35 years’ experience in auto-making. Changan has 16 production bases and 35 vehicle and engine plants globally. In 2014, total production and sales of Changan-branded vehicles exceeded 10 million. Changan’s production and sales volume in 2016 hit 3,000,000 units. By July of 2018, Changan-branded vehicle users have exceeded 17 million. 

Changan Automobile is committed to building world-class R&D capability. For 5 sessions in the past 10 years, Changan has been NO.1 in R&D capability in China’s automotive industry. Changan has over 12,000 R&D personnel from 18 countries, nearly 600 are senior experts, sitting at the forefront of China’s auto industry. We have built a globally collaborative R&D network with various priorities, connecting the R&D centers in Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing of China, Turin of Italy, Yokohama of Japan, Nottingham of UK ,Detroit of USA and Munich of Germany. To ensure all products meet customers’ demand of driving for 10 years and 260,000 kilometers, Changan has established product development system and test validation system. 

In April 2018, Changan unveiled The Third Breakthrough-Innovation and Business Venture Program, with an aim to build a global leading automobile company. With this blueprint, Changan is committed to transforming itself into a leading technology company offering smart mobility solutions and services. The program expects to drive growth by innovation, enhance efficiency as the core competitiveness in organization, transform the company in four key areas and boost innovation in three fields. Changan Automobile has launched a series of classic products including Alsvin, Hunter, Uni series, CS series, EADO series, RAETON series and ect. With “hi-tech and trendy, efficient and clean, safe and smart” guiding product design, Changan has been vigorously developing new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles. 

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