Safety first, Technology keeps ahead! Changan UNI-T won the five-star rating in C-NCAP

September 18, 2021

Safety first, Technology keeps ahead! Changan UNI-T won the five-star rating in C-NCAP

CATARC (China Automotive Technology and Research Center) published the latest safety crash-test assessment result of C-NCAP on 15th, September. UNI-T, the first model of Changan Automobile high-end product series, was awarded the Five-star safety certification of C-NCAP with an overall scoring rate of 87.0%. Changan UNI-T achieved excellent results in all aspects of the safety crash assessment, fully demonstrating its leading strength in security field.

Accept the safety authority test, Changan UNI-T never fears challenge!

Since its promulgation in 2006, the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) has always adhered to the core principles of “independence, impartiality, and professionalism”, conducting comprehensive tests on vehicle safety performance, and objectively providing standardized and systematic vehicle safety information to prompt the automobile manufacturers pay more attention on vehicle safety and promote vehicle safety performance.


The C-NCAP safety crash test was carried out from three parts. For the occupant protection of Changan UNI-T, there were 100% and 40% frontal crash test, deformable mobile barrier side collision test and neck protection test under low-speed crash; for pedestrian protection, there were two tests about pedestrian head and legs; for active safety, the ESC(electronic stability control system) and AEB (automatic emergency braking system) were tested off-site to comprehensively check vehicle’s safety performance.


To test the vehicle’s safety performance scientifically and justly, CATARC purchased the test vehicle independently based on the principle of random sampling.  Changan UNI-T 1.5T High-level was tested as sample vehicle this time, facing with the challenge of safety crash assessment, after all kinds of tests, UNI-T showed its excellent product performance and proved its benchmarking position in the same level of safety technology field.

Model vehicle” of safety crash, Changan UNI-T speaks with rating

As the top sale of UNI series, Changan Auto's high-end products, Changan UNI-T, which has attracted much attention, made good achievement in C-NCAP safety crash assessment, surpassing the average level of the same level with a scoring rate of 92.35%. Among all the tests, Changan UNI-T was even more excellent in side collision and ranked first in the same level with full scores, fully demonstrating its caring and protection to occupants.


In daily frequent traffic accidents, passive safety, as the primary barrier, will play a vital role to protect drivers and passengers. Changan UNI-T adopts high-strength energy-absorbing body, becoming a safe fortress of users in the event of a collision. Changan UNI-T’s body integrated the sturdy materials like thermoforming material, super-high strength steel rolling and high-strength steel, the high-strength steel accounts for 61% of the whole body, and the highest steel strength reached 1500MPa. Eventually, Changan UNI-T not only achieved the excellent score in 100% and 40% frontal crash test, as well as the whiplash test(a test to check the occupants safety assurance when the vehicle was under a rear-end collision), but also got a full score of 5 points as a plus.


The design of energy-absorption and pedestrian protection plays a key role in ensuring personal safety and prevent the irreversible damage caused by a crash. The front anti-collision beam of Changan UNI-T adopts rolling process, which absorb energy effectively and adjust the stress of two longitudinal beams. The vehicle structure has a complete force transmission path to achieve rapid energy absorption and transmission, ensuring the complete living space in the vehicle and try to reduce the harm to people at the same time.  With regard to the pedestrian safety, Changan UNI-T adopts a cushioning design on the head and leg crash test area to promote the safety strength, greatly reducing the casualty rate of traffic accidents.


Active safety systems always affect the safety of vehicle driving. In C-NCAP safety crash assessment, the vehicle controllability will be tested under its extreme dynamics. Changan UNI-T is equipped with the third-generation ESC system of Continental, which integrates ABS, EBD, TCS, ESC, HHC and other functions, which plays an assistant role in wheel braking lock, wheel-slip, accelerating and turning stability of daily driving. The EPBI electronic parking system tightens the brakes to prevent vehicle slipping and avoid dangerous collisions. Changan UNI-T is also equipped with a powerful and highly-integrated active safety system to provide safety guarantee for daily driving.

Technology creates value, Changan UNI-T makes customer safe

Concerning to the pedestrians and passengers ‘safety issues, Changan has invested a total value of 200 million RMB to build a crash safety laboratory, introducing the world-class precision equipment, and convening the most professional experts in the world, regardless of cost, and actively investing in the development process of advanced technology, safe body structure, restraining system as well as pedestrian protection. In addition, Changan Automobile has also obtained the national key safety crash test qualification, aiming to produce more excellent products with C-NCAP five-star standard, independently carrying out various safety test verification, committing to let customers buy it with confidence and drive safely.


The breakthrough of products in the field of safety is inseparable from the exploration of advanced technology by vehicle manufacturers. Since the birth of Changan UNI, it has always adhered to the development concept of "user-centered", accurate insight into user needs, improved customers’ driving experience with leading technology, and continuously advocated safe driving. Meanwhile, Changan UNI cares about customers’ safety, taking the implementation of leading safety technology as the target, and continuously improving product performance to realize the vision of safe and comfortable travel for users.


This time, Changan UNI-T won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with its strong product performance, which is the best evidence to show its safety capability. While deepening the value of safe travel, Chang 'an UNI continues to lead the upward development of product safety in car industry. Based on the new starting point, Changan UNI will create safe travel value and embrace a better future with customers.


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