The 20 millionth Changan Chinese brand car officially rolled off the line

May 14, 2021

The 20 millionth Changan Chinese brand car officially rolled off the line

On May 10, the 20 millionth car of Changan brand was officially rolled off line from the Chongqing Liangjiang factory. On the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, pointed out that “the 20 millionth car is the witness of Changan’s resilience and progress. Changan has achieved growth for 13 consecutive months, and behind the up-going trend, the energy of Chinese automobile brands, as well as the Chinese automobile industry, is growing fast and steady”


Changan Automobile started automobile manufacturing in 1984, the one millionth car rolled off the production line in 2001, and the cumulative sales exceeded 10 million in 2014, which made Changan the first Chinese member of the “10 million club”. Now, Changan Automobile has reached the milestone of 20 million vehicles, with 20 times increase in production and sales volume within 20 years, the company has developed into an international automobile group with 88 subsidiaries, whose influence spreads to more than 50 countries and regions and 1.5 million jobs in the industrial chain. 

From January to April 2021, Changan Automobile delivered 843,342 units, an increase of 82.3% YoY. Behind the growth, there are reputation of our products and trust from our customers. More importantly, by strengthening design and embracing new energy and intelligence technology, we have brought better experience to our customers and leaded Chinese brands against the sloping market trends.

In addition, Changan Automobile attaches great importance to R&D investment. We take digitalization, informationization and automation as the basis, and by investing in big data, cloud computing, AI, IoT and intelligent manufacturing, we have constructed a R&D layout of “6 countries and 9 locations” with each location of its own focus.

The Changan Speed, or the Changan Phenomenon, has become the strongest force to up-bringing Chinese automobile brands. In the future,by embracing changes in products, technology, marketing and culture, we are committed to transform into an international intelligent low-carbon mobility company, and sure we will bring more surprises to the market and our customers!

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