Changan Nepal Introduces Deepal S07: Setting New Benchmarks For Electric SUV Luxury And Intelligence

calendar_month 31 March 2024

MAW Vridhhi Autocorp Pvt. Ltd, official importer of Changan cars in Nepal proudly announces the launch of the Deepal S07, a marvel of electric vehicle innovation and luxury, designed to transform the EV landscape in Nepal. As the tagline "Touch the Future" suggests, the Deepal S07 introduces a host of first-time features, setting a new standard for what's possible in electric mobility. Deepal is sub-brand of Changan for developing and manufacturing new energy vehicles.

The highly anticipated intelligent and luxurious E-SUV was jointly unveiled by His Excellency Mr. Chen Song, Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Nepal, Mr. Guan Xin, the Vice General Manager of Changan Global and Mr. Vishnu Agarwal, the Chairman of MAW Group and Mr Vivek Sikaria, MD of MAW Vriddhi.

A Spectacular Launch Event

The launch event was a showcase of innovations, featuring Nepal’s first-ever car unveiling accompanied by a breath-taking 3D mapping projection show which is again in line with 'Touch the Future'. This mesmerizing display left an indelible mark on the audience, setting a new standard for automotive launches in the Nepal.

Deepal S07: A Symphony of Performance and Innovation

At the heart of the Deepal S07 lies the EPA1, EV-dedicated digital platform and Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) system, complemented by a 66.8-kWh battery pack that promises an impressive 410 Km (WLTP) range on a single charge. This exceptional performance is just the beginning of the Deepal S07's journey into uncharted territories of innovation and luxury.

Unprecedented Features in Nepal

Ideated in Italy's design heritage, Turin, the Deepal S07 introduces many first-time features to the Nepalese market, with highlights including:

Gesture Recognition Control that allows passengers to control various functions like music, calls, and even taking photos with simple hand gestures, enhancing safety and convenience.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR-HUD) projects crucial information onto the windshield, including real-time navigation overlays, for enhanced driving safety and comfort.

It is also equipped with 15.6-inch Sunflower Touchscreen infotainment system (largest in Nepal) that auto-tilt up towards the passenger who is interacting with it. Also, it has