Changan Auto To Launch Five New Electric Vehicles Under Its New Brand, “Deepal”.

calendar_month 11 May 2022

Changan Auto recently held its Global Partner Conference.The main agenda of the event was regarding the new energy sector and also the launch of new electric digital brand “Deepal”.

The focus of this brand will be to serve new energy users. Out of the 21 new products Changan is planning to launch,five products shall be launched under the “Deepal” brand.Changan Auto announced that it has plans to achieve carbon peaking by 2027 and carbon neutrality by 2050.In order to achieve this goal,Changan Auto has focused on few areas.The first one being the launch of their electric digital brand “Deepal”. This is followed by the launch of Avatr 11, in collaboration with HUAWEI, and CATL.The company also has plans to mass produce first ever hydrogen fuel cell sedan in China.

In addition to this, Changan Auto aims to create fuel cell products with “low hydrogen consumption, high safety, and high reliability” to achieve carbon reduction in multiple scenarios and green industry.